Noel Edmonds Says The BBC Will Die If It Doesn't Take Private Investment


Noel Edmonds Says The BBC Will Die If It Doesn't Take Private Investment
Deal or No Deal joke begging to be made

The 'Deal or No Deal' host has announced a desire for himself and a group of investors to take over the publicly-funded corporation, and claims since going public with his proposal, he has been approached by a number of top businessman and politicians who back his ideas.

He said: "If we do not take act ion soon the BBC is going to be no more.

"Nobody is coming up with a viable solution to the fact that the way the BBC is funded is not sustainable.

"You cannot fund this wonderful organisation on licence fees. I've come up with a solution and it's a very serious proposal

"Since I went public with it, it's been fascinating who's approached me, from political circles, people within the BBC, members of the public and some very wealthy people who say it's not the maddest idea."

Noel has called for political leaders to make the necessary changes that would allow business people to step in to run the corporation as it risks being lost to modern technology without the necessary funds to compete.

Speaking to Alan Carr in an episode of 'Chatty Man' airing tonight (11.04.14), he said: "There needs to be a change in the Royal Charter, of course, but it's coming up for renewal.

"Unless the politicians come up with something the BBC is going to be cut apart. We've got Google, Amazon, Microsoft now.

"The BBC has to live in that world but it's going to die if we don't do anything about it."

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