Rip Roaring Drama Banshee Renewed for Fourth Season


Rip Roaring Drama Banshee Renewed for Fourth Season

Banshee is some of the best TV you're not watching.

While the fact that the show airs on Cinemax might make you think its just an opportunity to show some skin, it's actually become one of the strongest dramas on air. Which also has a lot of sex scenes. Oh and the best fights you'll see on any sized screen, and that includes in the cinema.

Here's a sample. This is not safe for work. Things get intense.

It's all about a criminal played by Antony Starr who ends up as the sheriff of a small town called Banshee. Because of reasons. And it turns out that there's some serious shit going down in Banshee every which way you turn. You will get no more spoilers, just watch the damn thing.

And the good news is that you'll have even more to watch very soon, as Cinemax has just announced its been renewed for a fourth season. The show is currently mid way through a season 3 run which has been garnering some incredible reviews and some shocking revelations and we can't wait to see where the characters go in the future.

You can expect the 8 episode run of Banshee to begin in early 2016. The first two seasons are available on home video now and season 3 airs on Cinemax Friday nights in the US.

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