RTE Responds to IFTA Shambles - Major Review on the Way


RTE Responds to IFTA Shambles - Major Review on the Way
Poor production marred the show

The Irish Film and TV awards 2014 took place on Saturday the 5th of April 2014, with great wins for Calvary, Brendan Gleeson and rising star Jamie Dornan. But the event itself quickly became the talk of the town, and not for the right reasons.

The not-so-live broadcast on RTE was marred by poor camerawork and increasingly high levels of sound from the assembled crowd - so much so that it was difficult to hear announcers Laura Whitmore and Simon Delaney and even the award winners themselves.

It got to such a ridiculous level that some of the winners and presenters even started to make reference to the noise level, with Colm Meaney suggesting that no one was listening any more. Further issues included a late dinner service, with the usually amiable Colin Farrell making a reference to the fact that his 'beef better come soon'.

The whole affair was soon trending on Twitter, with many news reports Sunday and Monday breaking down the worst moments on the night. And now RTE has spoken out about the problems, starting by saying there will be a major review into all the production related issues.

“We are aware that there were technical issues and we will be reviewing those issues within the coming days. We do that with any big event." The spokeperson continued by saying that some background noise was inevitable and that it was technically an IFTA run event.

A disasterous broadcast like this puts the very future of the IFTA's in question, we'll have to wait and see what the outcome of the review is.

Check out our snaps from the red carpet and all the winners from the IFTA's 2014.

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