Superquinn heir join panel of Dragon's Den


Superquinn heir join panel of Dragon's Den
Eamonn Quinn will take over Sean O’Sullivan’s place in the new sixth series

This opening calls for all the finesse of a leaving cert essay introductory line, in fact it demands it, so here it goes. Personally (there it is), I would find it nigh on impossible to follow Sean O’Sullivan, Mr Fantasticbrand guy smiley himself. The man is summed up as an “entrepreneur, inventor, investor, humanitarian, short filmmaker, venture capitalist, engineer, musician, computer programmer, war photographer, cinematographer, stock analyst, writer, freelance journalist and all round renaissance man. Phew. How is Eamonn Quinn, in the line-up somewhere within the Quinn dynasty, going to match that guy in the self-promotion series of the decade Dragon’s Den?

The Quinn heir, of Superquinn, is going to replace the Irish-American entrepreneur on the business pitch premise TV show. He will join the other existing dragons Ramona Nicholas, Barry O'Sullivan, Peter Casey and Gavin Duffy. The series will show participants pitch everything from bull semen to flavoured butter and all other acquired tastes… It kicks off March 23 at 9.30pm on RTE One. Tune in to see a man born into wealth mock some plebeians.

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