The World's Smallest Woman - Jyoti Amge - Will Be Part of American Horror Story Season 4


The World's Smallest Woman - Jyoti Amge - Will Be Part of American Horror Story Season 4

American Horror story has done haunted houses, asylums and covens in the past and for its fourth season is focussing on Freaks.

The TV series from creator Ryan Murphy is composed of self-contained series with unique narratives but a cast that continues from one year to the next. So different time periods and settings continue to feature players like Sarah Paulson and the always marvellous Jessica Lange.

It's a unique set up, and one that has allowed the show to reach new heights of crazy season on season. They're keeping things relatively grounded (at least on paper) with the fourth season, subtitled Freaks. The story will take place in the 1950's and will be set in one of the last remaining travelling freak shows in Florida.

Casting continues, with John Carroll Lynch recently revealed as the main villain, and now we've got word of another new addition. 20 year old Indian native Jyoti Amge will join the show. She doesn't have much in the way of acting experience but she does have one major asset - she's officially the world's smallest woman (according to Guinness) at oly 62.8 cm - that just a tiny bit over 2 foot tall.

If you want to get an idea of just how small she is, here's a picture with fellow star Jessica Lange.

Amge has a condition called Achondroplasia which is one of the more common causes of dwarfism with hers being an extreme example. She will no doubt join the contingent of human wonders which travel with the crew in a story that is all about a conflict with some unknown 'evil forces.

For a story that sounds pretty similar, you could watch Carnivale. Oh wait, no one did and then it was CANCELLED!

I'm not bitter really. [I really am...]

American Horror Story Freak Show premieres in October 2014 on FX.

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