Tubridy tells domestic abuser he would break his legs


Tubridy tells domestic abuser he would break his legs
Ryan would be willing to fight fire with fire. Fair....

Ryan Tubridy’s stagey air of professionalism was broken swiftly when he found himself in the midst of a heated interview, giving way to a more raw interview than viewers could have expected. This morning Tubridy interviewed a perpetrator of domestic abuse, referred to only as Chris, live on air on his 2fm radio show.

The caller explained his story, saying “There’s nothing small about the situation, but there was the verbal side of the abuse. There would be slaps, punches – pretty much along those lines really.There’ll be something in your psyche that could lead you to pick a fight, or something said which triggers you in some way.”

Putting the root cause of it as lack of confidence, the man went on to say “The first time was a major shock to her. She was married to a guy that she loved and was looking to the future. As is usual I promised that I would never do it again, and believed that I might. But it came again and again and again.”

Escalating to the point where his wife was in hospital and Chris was convicted, Ryan finally broke when he heard that his wife had continued to stay with him through all this abuse. He opened up saying “I’m trying to be really measured here. We appreciate you coming on to tell the story, and yet... every time.... if you did that to somebody I loved I swear to god I would have personally called over and broke your legs. If it was my sister, my mother, I’d have been over to your house. I couldn’t help myself. I wouldn’t let you out the door. I know that’s violent, and I know that’s wrong. But I think it’s man-to-man”. Fair.

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