Utopia Season 2 Starts Back Tonight - Are You Ready for the Madness?


Utopia Season 2 Starts Back Tonight - Are You Ready for the Madness?

If you ever get the notion that TV is running out of ideas, you have to check out Utopia.

The series, created by Dennis Kelly, is a work of bizarre genius. A group of people meet on message boards discussing a rare and mysterious graphic novel which appears to predict horrible events in real life. Then things get really, really odd.

The 6 episodes of the first season were full of drama and dread, comedy and killings with performers like Kill Lists' Neil Maskell and Irish lass Fiona O'Shaughnessy taking part in the mayhem. It got seriously bloody and seriously good. You can watch it all on 4oD right now.

And you better hurry, because Utopia 2 kicks off at 10pm on Monday the 14th of July with episode 2 happening to your eyeballs at the same time on Tuesday the 15th. Here's an idea of what you're getting yourself in for.

And if you want to get caught up, here's the full first season in 3 minutes.

There are lots and lots of spoilers.

Watch Utopia on Channel 4 on 10pm on Monday the 14th of July.

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