Watch The Strain Extended Trailer - The End of Our World is the Beginning of Theirs


Watch The Strain Extended Trailer - The End of Our World is the Beginning of Theirs

Guillermo del Toro wanted to write a vampire-laced TV series but when no one was interested in picking it up he instead collaborated with author Chuck Hogan (The Town) on a trilogy of novels. 8 years later, he now has his TV version.

It's been a long road for the Mexican filmmaker but the results might well have been worth the wait. The Strain is a big budget vision of what it would look like if a virus started to take over the world, turning humans into creatures that are just like vampires, with some extra scientific explanation.

Here's an extended trailer for The Strain.

It's looking pretty decent, and it certainly has a look that feels like del Toro's big screen work, especially Blade II. Which isn't surprising. The good news is that its been picked up for a full 13 episode first season and the creatives have been very open about how long its going to run. They've got 3 books to adap, with the first two taking up a season on air and the last stretched to two. The promise is no more than 70 episodes ever, and possibly as little as 40, and that's very refreshing.

House of Cards star Corey Stroll (Peter Russo) is the lead here, with co-stars David Bradley, Kevin Durand and Sean Astin.

The Strain starts on FX in mid July.

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