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A big thank you to everyone for the fantastic feedback we have had since the launch of and Click TV. We have had an incredible reaction to our Facebook competitions with almost 6,000 fans and we’re getting set to launch a weekly prize pool. In just four weeks we have had almost 30,000 unique visitors and growing daily.

InFamous 2
By Peter Nelis
2009 saw the rather curious coincidence of two independent titles with roughly the same basic premise appearing to plug a whole in the action adventure market almost simultaneously. Those games were Sucker Punch Productions’ inFamous and Radical Entertainment’s Prototype. Despite their similarities, it transpired that inFamous was the better game in almost every respect, and somewhat unsurprisingly a sequel was more than hinted at by the game’s end sequence. With Radical deciding to hold off on Prototype’s follow up until next year at the earliest, it seems that the stage is set for inFamous 2 to cement its place as the cream of the ordinary-Joe-gets-superhero-powers-and-saves-world crop.

When we last saw inFamous 2, it was a particularly early build, suffering with all the problems you would expect for a title so soon into its production cycle. The camera was a little unreliable, the frame rate jerked along clumsily and the overall graphical sheen we’ve come to expect from AAA titles simply wasn’t there. What was there was an almost fully functional Cole, complete with an impressive array of abilities (everything from the original plus some interesting new skills) and brand new, somewhat unimpressive, look. For the most part, all of these concerns have been addressed, and it’s all looking a hell of a lot more promising a prospect. Read the full preview

On the Way
Over the coming weeks you will see many developments on the digital front. In June we will be running a nationwide promotion with An Post with 800 tickets to a screening of a big blockbuster with Click Goody Bags for everyone. We will also be introducing a cinema booking engine to the site. We expect also to have some news on Click TV which is currently being broadcast on City Channel with a mobile player on the way. Last but not least we expect to announce our first major media partnership sometime in June. If you would like to advertise or feature on our Facebook competition drive please Contact Us

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